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Namasté! Welcome to my humble abode. My name is Armando de Mello Meziat Filho, a moody, right-wing Brazilian programmer who hails from Rio de Janeiro and loves IT, Python, Pyramid, Heroku Apple, Drupal, Ubuntu, webdesign, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon and CJK-music. You may contact me at my cell phone (+55 21 9762 8586) if you want to — I’m fluent in both English and Portuguese (lingua mater), and know a little Japanese, French, Spanish and German. I’m also — and mostly — at Twitter, even though I tweet in Portuguese 99.6% of the time. Find me on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

As for my professional experience, I worked from 2013 to 2016 at Pix Software as a system analyst serving other Brazilian companies such as DeMillus, Rodenstock, Valor Café, and Canal Curta! by mostly programming web-based systems for their internal use, the backend mostly consisting of Java and C#.

I also formerly worked in 2011 for Conecte Estúdio Design, a consultancy company focused on the web. Unless otherwise noted, I wrote HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/Python/whatever and did SEO for other websites. Projects I took part of include:

As for my personal projects:

Looking for more professional info? For now, go for my LinkedIn profile.

Last, but not least: did you like me? Wanna talk to me? The e-mail’s username is armando. Oh, the host? The part to the right of the at-sign, right? You’re standing on it, silly! If you’re no spambot, you should have got it by now...